Celebrating 25 years of Vauxhall Corsa!

*this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Vauxhall. IMG_4764The Vauxhall Corsa first hit the roads in 1993, and it is now celebrating its 25th birthday. Of course, a lot has changed since then technology wise and designs ever-changing over the 25 years, but the Corsa’s fantastic value has stayed the same with the price only increasing by £3,850, Vauxhall Corsa ever so kindly sent me one of their cars to test drive some of its brilliant features. Keep reading to find out 25 reasons why it was an absolute dream to drive.

IMG_4860The Vauxhall Corsa is available in three or five-door models and is the highest spec small car in its class packed with incredible features to put the fun back in driving. I have been driving the three-door hatchback, Vauxhall Corsa SRI turbo in the most stunning red colour. I loved the onboard personal assistant ‘Vauxhall OnStar.” It turns your car into a personal concierge, a Wi-Fi / 4g hotspot, provides an automatic crash response, 24-hour emergency call services, stolen vehicle assistance and much more all at the simple touch of a button. It took all of two minutes to find and successfully connect my iPhone.
IMG_4879Now you can listen to music, and make and receive phone calls hands-free. You can connect up to 7 separate devices at a time meaning passengers can happily sit and scroll social media, or watch movies to their heart’s content. With the Vauxhall Corsa, tedious car journeys are now a thing of the past. With the IntelliLink’s touch screen, you can easily control music, connect to google maps, or set up your smart-phone with Apple CarPlay to be voice controlled simply say “Hey Siri play my top 25 songs playlist” you can even tap the screen to send texts or calls, it really is so simple to use. Android smart-phones are also compatible of course! IMG_4878IMG_4885I went on a 25-mile road trip all around the scenic North Yorkshire Moors, whizzing around the country roads, reverse parking in and out of tight spots wasn’t an issue with the help of driver assistance! Listening to my top 25 songs Spotify playlist. If I ever got lost or I justI just couldn’t find parking, I felt totally at ease that with just the press of a button, I’d be able to be put through to someone who could guide me either home or help me find somewhere to park! It helped to remove the stress and the hassle helping to put the fun back into driving.
IMG_4880I had so much fun the Corsa was beautiful to drive, and everything was so seamless and easy to set up it was a real pleasure to use. Whatever the weather the Vauxhall Corsa has your back, with electronically heated windscreens perfect for those frosty mornings during the colder months, and with the choice between manual air con or automatic climate control both with pollen filters for fellow hayfever sufferers during the spring and summer. What do you guys think? To celebrate the 25th anniversary, Vauxhall is currently offering a brand new Corsa from just £149.00 a month with only £149.00 initial rental costs. Find out more information now www.vauxhall.co.ukIMG_4887IMG_4859


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