My thoughts on the iPhone X!

I mentioned in my last blog post that I treated myself to the iPhone X. I use my phone a lot, emails, photographs, editing, I am usually always on my phone doing something. So when my iPhone 7 plus started playing up, I decided to take the plunge and buy the iPhone X. I’ve had it for around 2 and a half months now so here are my thoughts.
The one thing I didn’t like about my iPhone 7 plus was its size, it was thin, but it was just too big, it could barely fit in a clutch bag let alone a pocket. I was always aware of it; I missed just slipping my phone into my jeans back pocket, it felt like I was carrying around an iPad most of the time, slight exaggeration but still. So the iPhone X small size, yet large beautiful crisp AMOLED display appealed to me. It’s weighty to hold, it doesn’t feel slippy to the touch, and it fits in my jeans pocket, hurrah.
iPhone X reviewThe camera is incredible. One of the main reasons I always upgrade my phone is for the camera improvements. Portrait mode just gets keeps getting better and better. It feels a lot faster, I pulled my old iPhone out of the drawer a few days ago, and I can’t believe the difference in quality when it comes to the screens! The only way I can describe it is, it felt like I was using an old computer, the font was blurry, everything felt squared off and blocky. Probably because the iPhone X is all screen with practically no border.
IMG_1138I do miss the fingerprint sensor, facial recognition is good, but it’s not great. After recognising your face, it unlocks the padlock at the top but you still have to swipe up to access your apps, so it is another step in unlocking your phone. Whereas with the fingerprint sensor you just place your finger on the sensor and it would instantly open the phone on to your apps screen. It’s a minor thing but noticeable when you use your phone a lot. If my phone is flat on the table, I have to pick the phone up and aim it towards my face to unlock it, another small niggly annoyance.

It is super fast; battery life is much better, it did take me a while to get used to some new gestures, such as swiping from the right corner to open up the wifi menu, which you usually swipe up from the bottom. Now, these gestures are second nature, and I found myself swiping up to close apps when I was playing around with my old iPhone.

The ‘dreaded’ notch, at the top of the phone which houses the infrared camera scanner for facial recognition, at first it was extremely noticeable and ugly, but until I started writing this review, I had forgotten all about it to be completely honest. If it bugs you, of course, there’s an app to get rid of it!

A lot of people chose not to upgrade to this iPhone, and I can see why, but overall I do love the iPhone X and I don’t regret purchasing it. As the back is completely glass it is worth investing in insurance and a good phone case!



  1. January 17, 2018 / 3:49 pm

    I cannot wait for when I’m due an upgrade as this is the phone I desperately want. The portrait mode sounds absolutely fantastic and I’ve heard such good things about the camera.
    Glad you’re loving it so far!

    Heather xo ||

  2. Hannah R
    January 17, 2018 / 5:53 pm

    Where did you get the case from please? it’s gorgeous

  3. January 17, 2018 / 8:53 pm

    That was a very informative post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it was very useful x

  4. January 18, 2018 / 2:27 pm

    My boyfriend has got the new Iphone X too. And I’ve been using it for the camera functions whenever he’s near and I want a picture haha. (He’s kind enough to let me borrow it). But, I would be amongst those who wouldn’t buy it, not only is it way too much money for me on a students budget, i’d also like to wait a bit until their next phone. I, like you, like the idea of face recognition but having seen it in action on my boyfriends phone, im alright with waiting a bit longer to upgrade πŸ˜€

    Anyway, loved your review, it was very honest!


  5. January 19, 2018 / 7:45 am

    It looks really nice, I’m not an i-phone-r myself but I am always tempted. It’s just that everyone always seems to smash the screens by accident so it seems a bit harsh for them to make the back out of glass as well haha. Looks lovely though and yeah I bet the camera is amazing. To me the camera is the biggest temptation to get one,

  6. January 21, 2018 / 6:37 pm

    This has been super helpful! My contract is due for an upgrade at the end of this year so I’m going to wait and see what it is in store for Apple in 2018 but this is definitely a potential upgrade. I would love it if they brought the next iphone out with face recognition and a fingerprint sensor so you can choose or even a way to take the face recognition feature off and use a code instead πŸ™‚ xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

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