Every post on this blog is written in my own words,  contains my own thoughts and my own opinions
The majority of items featured on my blog I buy myself, with my own money.
However If I am sent an item from a PR company, for free in return for a blog post or a review It will clearly either be listed with c/o or (*) to  mark the item as a sample from a PR company.  If either of those signs aren’t there next to a linked item, it means I bought the item with my own money. I am always 100% honest as I think this is the best policy. I would never accept a PR sample if I didn’t genuinely like it or wouldn’t buy it with my own money. If i like something, I will happily blog about it, If I don’t like an item I will say so, in a very tactful way.
If a post is sponsored it will be clearly marked *sponsored post. Where I will receive payment for a blog post possibly for including a link or writing a blog post about a certain brand. I would never accept a sponsored post if I didn’t think it fit in with the style of things I liked or the theme of my blog. Sponsored posts are rare on my blog..Generally I like to supply my own content and enjoy creating my own blog posts. I have turned down sponsored post opportunities in the past because the topic has nothing whatsoever to do with my blog or I wouldn’t purchase / the brand doesn’t fit in with the theme of my blog.
My blog contains affilate marketing links on some posts for example  ‘ebay finds’ and ‘wishlist posts’ My affiliate marketing goes through skimlinks. This means I will make a small amount of money if you purchase an item through one of skimlinks affiliate links. An item will not cost you any more or less and you do not have to buy through my links whatsoever.
I am a firm believer in honesty. I have my own style and would never choose to promote something to my lovely readers that i didn’t genuinely like wether it being a sample or something I have bought myself. This blog is a place to be myself, share my photographs and style’s that I love. 

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